Episode 17: Could My Shoulder Pain Be Coming From My Neck?

Transcription: Unknown Speaker  0:01  All right, everybody, welcome back from another episode of the barbell therapy podcast. I’m your host, Dr. Brett Scott. And with me today is my colleague mentor. And there’s something we can add to the end of that pretty...

Is the Food Pyramid Still Relevant? Why or Why Not?

Healthy eating is just as important as exercise and physical therapy to maintain your overall health and prevent injury. Good nutrition means knowing what to avoid as well as knowing what to eat. For nearly a half-century, the food pyramid has been an effective tool...

Episode 16: Bloating, Weight Gain, and Auto-Immune Disorders

Transcription: Brett Scott  0:02   All right, everybody. Welcome back for another episode of the barbell therapy podcast. I’m your host, Dr. Brett Scott. And I’m very excited today as I have Dr. Patricia Zubaan. So, Dr. Is up is a functional medicine doctor. She...

Low Back Pain- Are You Recovering or Overtraining?

Transcription: Welcome back to the barbell therapy podcast. I am your host, Dr. Brett Scott, along with me here today is my mentor, Dr. E erson. religioso, also known as modern manual therapy. So today we’re going to talk a lot about recovery. And are you recovering?...

How To Stick To Your New Year’s Resolutions

As the holiday season comes to a close, more and more people begin to think about their New Year’s resolutions. Whether starting a healthier diet, trying new hobbies, or traveling more, it is common for people to struggle with sticking with their resolution. One of...

Client Success Story: Meghan Harrah

Meghan Harrah is nothing short of an inspiration. She’s one of those people who goes out of her way to make everyone around her feel comfortable and taken care of. She’s also one of the most accomplished people you’ll ever meet.Meghan started with us at Arkitect...

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