Mary M: Mary LOVES Barbell Therapy.


Edgar S: Helped with back injury and training.

Jordan B.

Sean O’Donnell Testimonial

Scot F: Overcame a lot of injuries from martial arts training.

Matt R: Improved strength and movement.

Nick B: Improved performance and strength.

Mike Z: Overcame sciatica and back pain.

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Diana Nguyen

I had seen other PTs for a shoulder pain that I couldn’t quite manage. Fortunately, I came to barbell therapy as I did not want to be immobile. Brett and Connor took the time to help me understand the root causes and how to ensure that I have the tools to strengthen and not feel any more pain. Both were extremely attentive and took the time to hear my frustrations and concerns. If there are any issues that arise in the future, I will be back to Barbell Therapy!

Michela Mastrullo

I went to Barbell Therapy for a nagging shoulder injury (2+ years). I had been going to another PT for months without much improvement. Within two months my shoulder pain had subsided and more importantly I was back doing the things I love to do. Thank you so much to a Brett! I can’t say enough good things about Barbell Performance and Therapy.

Devin C.

Overcame back pain and injury.

Very professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and highly skilled therapist. I have been working with Brett for over 3 years now. I first started working with Brett for personal training. After a back injury I started working with him as my physical therapist. I am always impressed and satisfied with services received; he takes the time to explain the causes of symptoms and pains and explains what needs to get worked on, why and how to safely go about it. My back pain is much more controllable and less frequent and I am much stronger than before we started working together. I would recommend anyone suffering from joint pain, an injury, or looking to step up his or her training gives Barbell Therapy a call.

Charles S.

Overcame back pain and injury.

I had suffered a herniated/bulging disk, and it created even issues walking. I was determined not to have surgery, and after explaining and consulting with him – Brett agreed. He and I met, close to a dozen times, working on muscle activation work, and how to stay active, while treating the disk, and even aiding in the bulge to be ‘pulled in’. I never had the surgery and years later, I still give Brett the lion share of the credit. I constantly refer to him in conversation, regardless of whether it’s for massage, Grastoning, recovery, strengthening a weakness, or techniques on Olympic or Powerlifting. And I proudly still wear my Barbell Therapy shirt occasionally to the gym.. because now, 6+ years later, I have been relatively, 98+% pain free…

Jessica B.

Overcame severe back pain.

I highly recommend Brett for physical therapy work! I knew he was the person I needed to go to when I started experiencing severe back pain a month out from my first USAPL meet (regionals)… long story short, with a slew of personal stress, alongside gym fatigue, I was in a pickle and didn’t know what to do. I knew Brett has worked with other lifters in the past and got them working again so that they could compete, and so he was my first option. I ended up seeing Brett twice a week for two and a half weeks leading up to the meet, and I no longer had back pain! Brett is incredibly easy to work with and schedule with, and he takes out of network insurance, so I was able to pay for the sessions with my insurance card…

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