Rehab to Performance Hybrid Program in Concord, Tyngsboro and Barrington

Have you been self rehabbing an injury or have finished physical therapy and not sure how to get back to working out safely or returning to your sport or recreational activity yet? Dr. Brett Scott is certified as a clinical athlete provider specialist and has the tools to take you from that eighty percent better to 100% better and get you performing at the top of your game again. For many, this program will last anywhere from 3-6 months and can be done remotely, in person, or a combination of both.

How It Works

  • Onboarding

    We will perform a private assessment where we will discuss your injury, what your rehab has looked like, your goals, motivations, and concerns are. We will then go through a thorough movement assessment either in person or remotely to determine your strengths, weaknesses, and any limitations.

  • Training Audit

    We will do a full audit of your prior training routine to see if there were any problems that may have occurred there. We will address implementing proper warm ups, mobility, and corrective exercises into your programming as needed.

  • Training

    Once we have gathered all our information from our assessments, we will formulate a customized training program that will slowly and safely start reintroducing movements, exercises, and routines that will slowly and safely allow you to get back to your desired sport or activity.

  • What You Get in Concord, Tyngsboro and Barrington

    A customized training program that fits your current abilities, addresses your weak points, and builds on your strengths.

    Customized Warm up and Corrective Exercises. In the case of most injuries we see here on a daily basis, the things we see missing the most are proper warm ups and individuals self selecting the wrong corrective exercises for themselves. When training for anything, its not the load that breaks you down, but the load that you are not prepared for that may. Therefore, with R2P, you will receive a customized warm up, movement preparation, and corrective exercise prescription plan to help you prepare to perform and train.

    Onsite Coaching or Remote Check-ins. Rehabbing from an injury can be tough and progress is not always linear. With our R2P program, members will have the option of coming in during our regularly scheduled semi private training hours for onsite supervision, feedback, and to make sure you are progressing towards your goals safely and effectively. If you choose to work with us remotely, we will have weekly video check-in calls to address the past week of training, any aches and pains with certain exercises, and to update your training program according to the progress made in the prior week.

    In-Depth Movement and Technique Analysis Whether you are a runner, powerlifter, weightlifter, or team sport athlete, we will break your technique with some of our enhanced video coaching tools, to address any technical errors or deficiencies that may be part of the source of your problem. We will give an depth break down of your technique and the proper cues, and exercises to address these issues.

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    Rodney Andre

    I am an older (52 years old) runner that was looking for physical therapy to address a lingering hamstring injury that had impacted my training for roughly 2 years. I had never done physical therapy and was curious about what it entailed and hopeful that it would accelerate my recovery.
    Brett was great at helping me understand the science behind the exercises and my underlying challenges with flexibility, strength, and balance. The weekly sessions started with an open discussion on my activity and pain/discomfort, transitioned into massage/needle/table to focus on problematic areas (legs, hips, ankles), and finished with exercises he would record for continuing at home. As I progressed, the exercises transitioned into strength training. Throughout the entire process, Brett has been positive, energetic, understanding, realistic/grounded, and knowledgeable.

    I could not be happier with the results. The sessions have given me confidence, addressed my injury at a core level rather than a quick patch, given me knowledge and routines to help avoid future injury, and my running feels more natural. My goal was to recover while training for a marathon in September and Brett’s help was critical in reaching this goal.

    Google Review

    I’m a college level athlete and I went to Brett with some pretty bad back pain, and I had tried many methods to getting rid of it beforehand.(Physical therapy, chiropractic, massage, acupuncture) all of these hadn’t worked for me in the past and I didn’t know how to feel when first meeting Brett. But I was relieved to know that with a little bit of guidance from him and trust in the process. I could get better.

    The 3 months I worked with him were hands down the most successful physical therapy I have ever experienced and I couldn’t recommend him and the team at Barbell therapy enough. Thank you guys!