Sara Vose Podcast

SPEAKERS Brett Scott Brett Scott  00:01 All right, everybody, Dr Sarah Vosa here so I’ve known Sarah for a long time. And we’ve talked a couple times about some different things and you had me on one of your Facebook group talks but Sarah is someone who...

Dr. Kandula Podcast

SPEAKERS Brett Scott Brett Scott  00:01 All right, everybody with me here is Dr. Ken doula. And he is an EMT and a Laron. How do you say it Laron? 00:11 No. Not like that. Brett Scott  00:14 Aaron geologist, 00:15 very ago. There you go. Yeah. Oh, laryngologist....

Final Rick M. Podcast

SPEAKERS Brett Scott   Brett Scott  00:01 All right everybody. Welcome back. Today with me here is my old weightlifting coach and a good friend of mine. Rick Meldrum also goes by Richard Meldrum, I think formally. So he is an Army vet. He’s got his...

Strength Training Post ACL Injury with Strength Coach Nick B…

SPEAKERS: Brett Scott Brett Scott  00:00 All right, Nick, thanks for coming on today. And as we discussed beforehand, we’re going to talk a little bit today about training for ACLs. And getting back from an ACL injury. And I know you guys have quite a unique program...

Why You Need More Single Leg Training Podcast

Transcript of video: And welcome back to the barbell therapy podcast. I’m your host Dr. Brett Scott, along with my co host, Dr. Connor bum bossy. We are both physical therapist and strength coaches. And today, we want to talk about single leg training in why you’re...

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