What Does “Active Rest” Mean and Why Is It Essential?

Do you work out? If so, how often do you exercise? Whether you’re trying to lose weight or get buff, working for your health or confidence, you may be in a rush to see results.  You may think working out all days of the week, pushing every muscle to the absolute...

Tips for Staying Active in the Heat

Summer is here, which means that it’s hot. In some parts of the U.S., midsummer of 2021 is hotter than ever before. The risk for heat-related illness spikes during the summer, so it’s important to be extra cautious when exercising on those hot days to protect your...

Disproving the Myth of Aging and Activity Level

If healthy aging is important to you, a lifestyle that includes healthy habits should be as well. However, some older adults may limit physical activity over concerns about safety, ability, or chronic health conditions. These worries may be due to the myth of aging...

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