Strength Training for Golf with Coach Kevin Duffy

Brett Scott  00:01Alright guys, welcome back. Today we’re going to talk about golf. So with me here today I have coach Kevin Duffy. He is a TPI, one two and three, strength coach. So for those golfers you guys should know what that means. That means he’s a pretty...

5 Key Elements of Success in Powerlifting with Carlos Moran

Transcription: Brett Scott 00:01Welcome back to the barbell therapy podcast. I’m your host, Dr. Brett Scott. With me today is Carlos Moran, he is a pretty elite power lifter. And he’s someone I have worked with for a long time. And just seen something different in...

How to Train Successfully Long-Term, Setting Realistic Expec…

Transcription:   Brett Scott00:02Welcome back to the barbell therapy podcast. I’m your host, Dr. Brett Scott. And with me here today is probably probably the biggest burliest man we might ever have on the podcast. His name is Eric Dawson. And he is the owner of Titan...

The Most Underutilized Tool In Strength Training and Rehab

First of all, what even is Single leg training? No, not just standing on an Airex pad and attempting to balance; there is a time and place for that, but we aren’t talking about that here. There are two versions of single-leg training in mind for me; the first is true...

We Opened New Gym! Learn more about it here!

Whew! What a busy summer we’ve been having here at Barbell Therapy and, now, Arkitect Fitness. We decided early this year that it was time for us to grow as a company. Dr. Brett Scott became an owner of Arkitect Fitness, a gym in Concord, NH. Which has been going...

Why should incorporate a deload into your training

The dreaded deload week.  Most view it the same way they do filing their taxes.  It’s kind of a hassle to do, gives no instant gratification, and you’re not so sure what the return will be in a few months.  But with a well tracked program and training methodology,...

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