Sports Performance in Concord, Tyngsboro and Barrington

We train individuals of various ages and sports from 8 year old youth athletes to Division 1 collegiate athletes. Our sport performance coaching specializes in strength training and motor learning for a variety of sports and individual positions. Athletes of any background can reach their utmost potential with our coaching staff. Each individual will receive a customized program design based on his or her own unique training experiences and sporting demands. The focus is on long term athletic development and skill acquisition. Each training session addresses specific weaknesses, maximizing individual strengths, and preventing injury during sports. The preparation process will include developing athletic qualities (strength, coordination, power, speed, agility, work capacity, etc.) and learning a wide range of general and foundational skills.

How It Works

  1. Onboarding

    You will come in for a private assessment where we will discuss your athletic activity, fitness background and past experience. We will also discuss your motivations, goals, and do a personality test to make sure we can service and coach you as best we can.

  2. Assessment

    If together we determine that training here is a fit for you, we will go through a brief movement assessment to determine movement quality, strengths and weaknesses, and determine if there are any nagging injuries that we can address with your training program and warmups. We will then move into a fitness assessment to look further into your fitness traits. Depending on where you are at, this may include testing your cardiovascular fitness, endurance, strength, coordination, agility, stability, and balance.

  3. Training

    Once we have gathered all our information from our assessments, we will formulate a training program that will get you working towards your goals.

What You Get in Concord, Tyngsboro and Barrington

A customized training program that fits your goals, abilities, schedule, and needs.

On site training with our coaches to provide you with hands on cueing, feedback, motivation, and to help keep you safe while getting more fit.

A flexible training schedule. Our Semi private model offers various hours throughout the week with times ranging from 7am to 7pm. Members are welcome to come train up to 5 days a week Monday through Saturday, and are welcome to come train during any of our floor coaching hours. Members also have the option of using the gym facility past our coaching floor hours if need be.

Nutrition Guidance. As athletes and coaches, we know you can’t out train a bad diet and we can help you with that as well. As part of our whole-listic process we will help guide you through improving your nutrition by helping you set up calorie and macro nutrient goals as well as give you the tips and tricks to improve your eating, training, and well-being for the long term. These are not short term diets. We want your eating to be a slow, realistic transformation that can be made into a feasible, flexible, and attainable lifestyle.

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Alexandra Schechter

I am so grateful I found Brett of Barbell Therapy and Performance, LLC! I was interested in trying out powerlifting and knew I needed a coach who knew what he was doing. Having Brett as a coach, with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy background proved crucial to my training needs as I had come to him with a previous shoulder injury and a left hip that had begun to hurt when I started squatting heavier on my own. Brett was able to give me prehab moves to incorporate in my training to help increase my performance and decrease my pain. Then when I decided to switch up my training, without hesitation, he wrote up a new program according to my aesthetic goals. Definitely hire Brett as a coach as he will definitely be able to help you reach your athletic goals!

Nicholas Belley

Brett has been coaching me and designing my program for six months now and he has helped me make significant progress. Within this timeframe I have taken my previous 1RM bench and deadlift for sets of 3 and added 70 pounds on my powerlifting total. Most importantly his programming and coaching has me lifting 4 days a week without experiencing pain like I was previously. Highly recommend Brett for anyone interested in powerlifting, olympic lifting or general strength and conditioning.

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