Movement Retraining in Concord, Tyngsboro and Barrington

What is Movement Retraining?

To address the functional issues and correct any movement problems after an injury, movement retraining is necessary. Even if poor movements were not present before an injury, they can often be seen afterward.

Movement retraining involves learning specific movements in a progressive way in order to return full function and pain-free movement. Barbell Therapy and Performance physical therapists use movement retraining techniques to treat almost any condition.

People’s injuries are often caused by poor movement patterns. Poor body mechanics can lead to injury and pain. Our physical therapists can correct your movement patterns with Movement Retraining.

Although each coach has a unique set of skills and training methods, they all share the belief that movement training should improve the body’s relationship with it, not punishing it. Our goal in training is the same as all our other activities: to help you become the best integrated, functional, resilient, and connected version of yourself.

Our coaches are skilled in many training methods and movements skills. They are also manual therapists with a unique ability to blend Integrated Therapy within a movement-centered context. Are you experiencing knee pain when you squat down? Our coaches will diagnose the cause, provide manual tissue therapy or clear the nerves, and get you back to squatting pain-free in a matter of minutes during a training session. Our integrated training approach is what sets us apart from other training facilities in the area.

Barbell Therapy and Performance in Concord, Tyngsboro and Barrington can help you if you have suffered an injury and now you are experiencing restricted mobility or pain that limits your ability to move or do daily activities. Call us today to make an appointment. Our therapists have the expertise to make you feel at your best.

What is the cause of faulty movement patterns?

Biomechanical improvements tend to be due to:

  • Mobility or joint restrictions
  • Insufficient or excessive tissue length
  • Inequalities in strength
  • Faulty neuromuscular coordination patterns

Even though you might have the strength and mobility to move, if you lack the ability to activate the correct muscles at just the right moment during movement, your body could still be susceptible to injury.

What can you expect from movement retraining therapy?

Your physical therapist will usually perform movement retraining. This includes video analysis and review, identification of weaknesses and limitations, stability training, as well as progressive dynamic movement training.

Functional movement, multi-dimensional kinetic chain patterns and breaking down movement into pieces are our main focus. These movements can then be progressively released in the correct pattern.

Our physical therapists will examine you at your first appointment to determine the cause of your pain. To determine which areas need strengthening, they will examine your mobility, movement patterns, and flexibility. Your therapeutic treatment program will be tailored to meet your specific needs. The ultimate goal is major improvement in your movement patterns.

Call us for an appointment in Concord, Tyngsboro or Barrington!

Do you find it difficult to move even though you haven’t been injured in the past? You are not the only one. You might be looking for the solution you are looking for in movement retraining. Barbell Therapy and Performance can help you learn more about this treatment and to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced therapists.

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Heather Gilman

Highly recommend Brett and the team! Everyone was always super friendly and welcoming each visit! Fun place to be good energy and environment for clients as well as employees. I worked with Brett on low back and hip issues. Brett was always willing to listen and adjust our visits as needed.

Derek Anderson

I completely tore my ACL last spring. Before any treatment started, the Barbell PT team took the time to understand my injury, my pre-injury fitness and activity level as well as my post surgical activity goals. From that point forward I received professional, customized one on one care and treatment both before and after surgery. I have yet to meet a more professional, competent or caring group of people and would recommend them to anyone dealing with acute or chronic mobility or strength issues.

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