Gardening – Managing Neck/Back/Shoulder Pain

Gardening is a rewarding hobby and a passion, but it has its costs. Don’t let pain prevent you from continuing to enjoy your hobbies. Physical therapy, a consistent exercise routine, and a plan for moderate gardening can help you to garden safely and avoid long-term...

Low Back Pain – Are You Recovering or Overtraining?

Initially in rehab with patients experiencing low back pain, we will try to remove whatever stimulus is causing symptoms in order to allow for long-term recovery; scabs heal a lot faster when we stop picking at them, even the scab is neurological. For a lot of lifters...

How To Cope With Pain While Sitting

Sitting too long can cause pain in your legs and other parts of your body. It’s not just because you’re sitting up straight or have tight muscles, either. Sitting causes blood flow restriction, which leads to swelling around nerve endings, so they get irritated faster...

How to Eliminate Low Back Pain With Deadlifting

It is not uncommon for both new and experienced lifters alike to experience low back pain. At Barbell Therapy and Performance, we take pride in getting those in pain back to doing what they love in as efficient and effective ways as possible. This usually includes...

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