We Opened New Gym! Learn more about it here!

We Opened New Gym! Learn more about it here!

August 23, 2021

Whew! What a busy summer we’ve been having here at Barbell Therapy and, now, Arkitect Fitness. We decided early this year that it was time for us to grow as a company. Dr. Brett Scott became an owner of Arkitect Fitness, a gym in Concord, NH. Which has been going great! The members there are eager to learn and a wonderful community to be a part of! Check out the website www.arkitectfitness.com to see all the wonderful things people are saying about this place for personal training, nutrition, strength and conditioning, and weight loss transformation.   

Alongside this new endeavor, we have also opened a second gym in Tyngsborough, MA in a new 3,850 square foot facility! Here’s how that went…

On July 15th, roughly 3.5 months after we placed our order with Rogue Fitness we received an email that our new gym equipment was unexpectedly being delivered and was only 5 miles away. So we quickly gathered our employees and volunteering members, and went straight to work to put 12,000lbs of equipment together. Five days of 14 hour shifts later….Success! 

The weekend of July 18th, we had 9 of our weightlifters compete at the Baystate Games Olympic Weightlifting Competition, where we took home a total of 5 gold medals, and had a bunch of fun! A lot of first timers on the platform made for a great learning experience for future competitions. 

After a few weeks of figuring out a floor plan for the new gym, we have finally settled into our layout and can confidently say that our facility is suitable, ready, and now open for all gym goers!

So far we have:


  • Two (2) Concept 2 rowers
  • Rogue Echo assault bike
  • Kettlebells ranging from 5lb-60lbs
  • Kettlebells ranging from 8kg-56kg
  • Resistance bands
  • TRX
  • Two (2) Sleds
  • Battle Ropes
  • Landmine
  • 6-25 lbs medicine balls
  • 8lb slam ball
  • 62” total in boxes
  • 60lb & 80lb sand bags
  • Physioball
  • Ab roller
  • RFE (Rear foot elevated) stand

Olympic Weightlifting:

  • 9 olympic weightlifting platforms
  • (7) 20kg olympic barbells
  • (5) 15kg olympic barbells
  • 10kg-25kg bumpers, 10lb-45lb bumpers, .5kg-5kg change plates
  • 3 free-standing racks on the platforms
  • Jerk blocks

Strength Equipment:

  • Rogue dumbbells 5lbs-125lbs
  • GHD (Glute ham developer)
  • Lat pulldown + handle accessories
  • Two (2) Texas Strength Equipment combo racks
  • Two (2) Rogue squat racks
  • Two (2) Rogue deadlift platforms
  • Deadlift jack
  • Deadlift blocks
  • 2.5lb-45lb cast iron plates
  • 2.5kg-25kg Rogue calibrated competition plates
  • .5-1.25kg Rogue calibrated change plates
  • Four (4) Rogue Ohio Power bars
  • Four (4) Rogue 20kg Power bars
  • EliteFTS SS Yoke Bar (Safety bar)
  • 20kg SSB bar
  • Rogue Camber bar
  • Rogue multi-grip bar
  • 20kg Trap bar
  • Bandbell Earthquake bar
  • S/M + L Slingshots

All of this is currently offered to our members and we are still building our equipment as time goes on.

In addition to opening a new gym, we are expanding our physical therapy services and welcoming Dr. Connor Bombaci, PT, DPT, CSCS, who just passed the federal physical therapy board exam in August. So he will be gaining experience under the watchful eye of Dr. Brett Scott and seeing patients right away!  Connor has a strong background in the collegiate strength and conditioning field.  Through academia, Connor has worked as a strength and conditioning coach at UMass Lowell as the head coach for division 1 women’s softball and womens D1 soccer.  He also had the opportunity to learn under the direction of Devan McConnell who has now gone on to serve in the NHL as the head of sport performance for the New Jersey Devils and Phoenix Coyotes.  Connor also is a certified strength and conditioning specialist, strongfirst certified kettlebell instructor, and has a certification in the functional movement screen.  He also knows his way around barbells quite a bit! 

To get this all kicked off properly, we are hosting a grand opening open house on Saturday September 11th, 8am – 1pm. All members’ family and friends are welcome! Any interested members of the community are welcome to join us as we have special offers that include a $0 initiation fee if you sign up the day of the open house.

September also is a special month of promotions for law enforcement officers, active military, and veterans. These new members who sign a contract get the month of September free, and still no initiation fee. That’s a combined value  savings between $228 and $268! 

We are looking forward to helping you become a better version of yourself through health and strength! Come check us out at 4 Middlesex Rd, Tyngsborough, MA at Arkitect Fitness!

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