Dr. Connor Bombaci

Dr. Connor Bombaci


Physical Therapist and Strength Coach

Dr. Bombaci joined Barbell Therapy and Performance in August of 2021. Connor previously worked in private and collegiate strength and conditioning settings where he gained a passion for helping others improve themselves. Connor went into PT school imagining himself going into professional sports, but his goals shifted during his clinical experiences. There, he saw how much of an impact he could make on athletes, active adults, and motivated individuals. Connor relates helping a young dad of two return to golfing and the gym without pain, as a major turning point for him.

Dr. Bombaci cites learning and work experiences at the Institute of Performance and Fitness, Champion PT and Performance, UMass Lowell Sports Performance, OSF Hospital, and Athletic Evolution, as the catalysts for his pursuit of excellence in both Strength and Conditioning and Physical Therapy.


Dr. Bombaci had initially completed his bachelors of science with a degree in exercise physiology from Umass Lowell with a concentration in strength and conditioning. He continued his studies at UMass Lowell where he successfully completed his doctorate training as a physical therapist.

Specifically, Connor’s time with UMass Lowell’s Division 1 sports performance and softball teams changed the way he thought about physical preparation and mental challenges during training. Spending time with staff and athletes in the weight room, on cross country flights, and during meals were transformative experiences for Connor as he got to experience six years as an intern, then co-op student and finally Sports performance coach at UMass Lowell.


Connor holds his board certified licenses in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) from the National Strength and Conditioning Association and received his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from UMass Lowell along with his bachelors of science in exercise physiology. He also is certified in dry needling and has received training in instrumented assisted soft tissue mobilization, joint manipulation, blood flow restriction training, cupping, neurodynamics, dynamic neuromuscular stabilization, and shockwave therapy.

Dr. Bombaci previously played soccer and lacrosse in high school. He has a passion for golf and all things weightlifting related; Olympic lifting, powerlifting, kettlebell training, you name it. Connor has two dogs and credits his initial interest in Physical Therapy and sports medicine to his dad who is a certified athletic trainer at a local high school and his mom who has had a successful career in nursing.

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