Dr. Brett Scott

Dr. Brett Scott


Owner, Physical Therapist & Head Strength Coach

Dr. Brett Scott founded Barbell Therapy & Performance in 2017. After working as a strength coach and personal trainer for seven years throughout his college career, Dr. Scott realized something was missing in the traditional physical therapy model during his clinical rotations. While working in the traditional physical therapy setting, he realized he didn’t have the time and resources to get his patients the best outcomes because profit and proficiency from a business standpoint surpasses patient outcomes. He felt like he was able to give his training clients more from a coaching and training setting where he had the time to educate people, provide hands-on coaching and corrections, build stronger alliances and trust with clients, and had the ability to empower people to be in better control of their life.

As a competitive hockey player and olympic weightlifter himself, he also realized that many athletes were coming to physical therapy that were either misunderstood, or mistreated by other therapists due to a lack of expertise and experience in working with fitness athletes. Too many athletes have been told to just stop working out, or stop their activity, and weren’t being prescribed exercises and treatments that challenged the patients enough or solved the root cause of their problems to begin with. Therefore, Dr. Scott founded Barbell Therapy & Performance in 2017 as a place where fit adults and athletes could be served with a better experience, and a better outcome by being able to not only rehab, but coach individuals back to the sports and activities that they love. In 2021 he purchased Arkitect Fitness in Concord and was able to expand to a second location in Tyngsboro, MA with his passion and purpose to bring an intelligent, and efficient training model to help athletes and active adults live life to their full potential.


Dr. Scott graduated summa cum laude from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell with his bachelors of science in exercise physiology and a minor in nutrition. He continued on in the expedited program through UMass Lowell to graduate summa cum laude with his Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2017. He has also successfully completed an extensive formal twelve month mentorship program with a curriculum based on integrating the principles of neuromuscular and orthopedic rehabilitation to treat complex musculoskeletal pain and chronic orthopedic pain conditions.


Dr. Scott is currently a licensed doctor of physical therapy in both Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and New Jersey. He has passed all necessary requirements under the federal board regulations. He also holds specialty certifications in dry needling, functional range conditioning, cupping, spinal manipulations and adjustments, blood flow restriction training, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (also known as Graston Technique), is a certified clinical athlete provider, and is a registered olympic weightlifting coach with USA weightlifting. Amongst his passion for learning, Brett is equally passionate about educating others presents at workshops on his approach throughout New England, has a podcast for individuals to learn more about health, and has had the pleasure of presenting his expertise at multiple universities and colleges as well.


Not only has Brett been able to compete on the national circuit in olympic weightlifting himself, but he has had the opportunity to coach multiple individuals at the national and international level in the sports of weightlifting and powerlifting with over 10 medals from national and international competitions as well. Brett has had a vast experience of working with many NCAA division 1 athletes, various high school athletes, professional athletes, professional actors, stuntmen, and elite mixed martial artists.

Brett is also co-founder of Neuropedics; a continuing education and mentorship program for physical therapists and chiropractors who are looking to improve their own clinical skill sets. He is also a clinical educator for Modern Manual Therapy where he teaches continuing ed courses nationally and internationally. He has also created his own course “Modern Barbell Therapy” for physical therapists looking to integrate the principles of strength training into their physical therapy practices.

In his free time, you can find him playing ice hockey, weight training, mountain biking, snowboarding, playing drums, or taking his dog Jax for a run.

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