One-On-One Personal Training

Built by science, and delivered with passion, our personal training services are catered to you and your needs with more of a private, intimate, and hands on setting for those that may want or need some extra attention and accountability.

If you have been looking to lose some weight, get more fit, boost your confidence, feel more energy throughout your day, or need to be able to keep up with your kids activities then personal training could be a great fit for you!

Our training philosophy is centered around a “whole-listic” approach of looking to improve long term health and well being from a physical, mental, and emotional state. Training here helps many members improve their body composition and hit weight loss goals. It also helps individuals improve their self confidence, focus at work, and frees them to keep up and participate with their kids and activities.

In the one on one setting we will work side by side with you to help you develop your own personal goals and motivations to help us work towards those goals, to help you succeed in the areas that you need to focus on.

Our trainers will work alongside you privately in hour long sessions to help you towards those goals whether it be weightloss, strength and muscle building, or training for an upcoming recreational sporting event you might want to participate in.

We will also help you towards your goals by providing nutrition coaching and consultation. We know as humans that we can’t out train a bad diet. We will do all we can to sit down with you and help provide the best calorie goals as well as tips and tricks to improve your diet and nutrition. We want our clients to succeed long term. This means making small changes over time to make long term, attainable, and sustainable goals.

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Margaret Batcheler

Best physical therapy and fitness gym around! Coaches on hand to guide you, monthly planned workouts designed specifically for your personal goals. Skilled expertise in PT for athletes; ability to modify your exercises around an injury. Flexible hours, great variety of equipment, AC in the summer. Friendly and personable environment for all ages. Supportive and trained for powerlifting and weightlifting!!

Staci Durand

Brett has been my powerlifting coach for the past year. Before I started training with him I had been experiencing back pain from lifting with bad form. His programming and expertise got me to the point where I was no longer in pain or uncomfortable. In the past year I’ve added significant weight to all of my lifts on top of losing 40lbs of body weight. He’s also guided me with nutrition and has helped me have a more positive relationship with food. If you’re looking for a coach, this is your guy.

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