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The Triad Strength Team is the competitive brand within Barbell Therapy & Performance and is the premier strength training facility for competitive young professionals, motivated adults and even young teenagers. Our hybrid program includes individual coaching, intelligently customized program design and assessments by an on-site Doctor of Physical Therapy.

Athletes that join team Triad will be able to train as a team onsite with coaches Dr. Brett Scott, and Coach Anthony where they will immediately start receiving feedback, hands on cueing, proper exercise prescription, and goal setting to get you where you want. Not only that, but members find themselves in a strong community of like minded individuals that will turn into long term friends and feel like family. Triad Strength is the only gym and team that provides the opportunity to enhance your technical understanding of the lifts, get stronger, and join a team that trains to compete. We have a long-term approach that develops well-rounded athletes, self-confidence, and mental strength that extends far beyond the platform.

Triad Strength was founded by Dr. Brett Scott in 2017 along with Barbell Therapy as his passion was not only for getting people out of pain, but getting them back to performance. As a weightlifting and powerlifting coach, Brett has been able to coach over ten athletes at the national level as well as competing there himself in the sport of Weightlifting. As we continue to grow these strength sports, we provide athletes high-level coaching and give them the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of being strong, being part of a team, and having fun!

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Janell Saville

Brett and his staff are the greatest! I have been here for 1.5 years and have become stronger at Oly lifting and even attended (and won) my first competitions. The community is also great and I love going to the gym to hang out with everyone and the members are the best!!! I love everything about this gym!!!

Mario Alfano

I came to Barbell Therapy with multiple issues – some acute and most chronic. The acute issues were solved in a few sessions and the chronic issues have been pacified. Brett was professional, listened, and provided flexible treatment options. An added bonus are the video demonstrations of the exercises that I can refer to after the sessions. Best of all I could continue powerlifting training during the therapy which was always the goal. Will certainly return when I need a tune up.

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