Nutrition & Wellness

If you are looking to maintain or improve your current state of health and wellness we offer nutrition and wellness consulting that involves movement and joint screening, injury prevention strategies, exercise recommendations, nutrition recommendations, and weekly educational lessons on improving overall nutrition and health.


We go to the dentist to prevent tooth decay, and we get our blood pressure checked to prevent heart disease. But why don’t we ever audit our diet and wellness activities checked to make sure they aren’t leading us towards disability?

We offer nutrition and wellness coaching including a full evaluation followed by weekly coaching calls to help you practically apply the necessary strategies to keep you living your life in a sustainable, flexible, and attainable manner . This may involve coaching you by putting together daily practices, helping you with habit change, keeping you accountable, setting realistic goals and expectations, and guiding you through living a healthier and more nutritious and rewarding lifestyle.

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    Dylan Thorp

    I highly recommend coming to Brett with any of your exercise, PT, programming, rehab needs! I have been working with Brett for the past 6 months and have made immense progress. Brett does individual programming for me to meet my goals and also work on all of my weaknesses.

    When I have injured myself, I have used Brett for PT and he is phenomenal in that area as well. With a strong knowledge base and constantly learning new techniques/keeping up with new knowledge I know I am in great hands.

    Brett understands and preaches that health and rehab is not one or two sessions and boom you are all fixed, but is a process that requires education, persistence and a desire to be better.

    See Brett and you are in great hands.

    Nate Furness

    Before starting with Brett, I knew I wanted to get stronger. I started training at the gym his office was in and we became buddies. He was nice enough to handle me at my first powerlifting meet, and I signed up with him after that with another meet on the schedule. My first meet was in Feb 2021. Brett made a customized program for me for another meet in May 2021. I did what my coach told me to do, and I put 18kg on my meet total in three months. When I hurt my back, he tailored my program to get back to health and do what I could do, safely. After a little while, I changed my goals, so he changed my style of training to meet my goals. There’s something about having someone to support you through the trials and tribulations of health and fitness. If you’re on the fence, I highly suggest you take a chance to take your strength to the next level, or to reach whatever the goal is you want to reach. I have mad respect for this guy. On top of that, we have a lot of fun. Like a gym family only better. Thanks Dad!