Coronavirus Update: We’re still open and here to help you, but spaces are limited. Please call ASAP to book your appointment.
Coronavirus Update: We’re still open and here to help you, but spaces are limited. Please call ASAP to book your appointment.

The Team

Dr. Brett Scott, PT, DPT, USAW-1

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Dr. Brett Scott founded Barbell Therapy & Performance in 2017. After working as a strength coach and personal trainer for seven years throughout his college career, Dr. Scott realized something was missing in the traditional physical therapy model during his clinical rotations. While working in the traditional physical therapy setting, he realized he didn’t have the time and resources to get his patients the best outcomes because profit and proficiency from a business standpoint surpasses patient outcomes. He felt like he was able to give his training clients more from a coaching and training setting where he had the time to educate people, provide hands on coaching and corrections, build stronger alliances and trust with clients, and had the ability to empower people to be in better control of their life.

As a competitive hockey player and olympic weightlifter himself, he also realized that many athletes were coming to physical therapy that were either misunderstood, or mistreated by other therapists due to a lack of expertise and experience in working with fitness athletes. Too many athletes have been told to just stop working out, or stop their activity, and weren’t being prescribed exercises and treatments that challenged the patients enough or solved the root cause of their problems to begin with. Therefore, Dr. Scott founded Barbell Therapy & Performance as a place where fit adults and athletes could be served with a better experience, and a better outcome by being able to not only rehab, but coach individuals back to the sports and activities that they love.

Dr. Brett Scott has had his weightlifting and powerlifting athletes medal at the national and international level in 2022.


Dr. Scott graduated summa cum laude from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell with his bachelors of science in exercise physiology and a minor in nutrition. He continued on in the expedited program through UMass Tyngsboro to graduate summa cum laude with his Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2017.


Dr. Scott is currently a licensed doctor of physical therapy in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire and has passed all necessary requirements under the federal board regulations. He also holds specialty certifications in dry needling, cupping, spinal manipulations and adjustments, blood flow restriction training, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (also known as Graston Technique), is a certified clinical athlete provider, and is a registered olympic weightlifting coach with USA weightlifting. Amongst his passion for learning, Brett is equally passionate about educating others and frequently hosts workshops on his approach throughout new england and has had the pleasure of presenting his expertise at the university level as well.


Not only has Brett been able to compete on the national circuit in olympic weightlifting himself, but he has had the opportunity to coach multiple individuals at the national level in the sports of weightlifting and powerlifting, and possibly the international level in 2020. Brett has been able to coach many NCAA division 1 athletes and various high school athletes as well, including the national high school shot-put champion Aiden Felty.

Dr. Connor Bombaci, PT, DPT, CSCS, Physical Therapist and Strength Coach

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Dr. Bombaci joined Barbell Therapy and Performance in August of 2021. Connor previously worked in private and collegiate strength and conditioning settings where he gained a passion for helping others improve themselves. Connor went into PT school imagining himself going into professional sports, but his goals shifted during his clinical experiences. There, he saw how much of an impact he could make on athletes, active adults, and motivated individuals. Connor relates helping a young dad of two return to golfing and the gym without pain, as a major turning point for him.

Dr. Bombaci cites learning and work experiences at the Institute of Performance and Fitness, Champion PT and Performance, UMass Lowell Sports Performance, OSF Hospital, and Athletic Evolution, as the catalysts for his pursuit of excellence in both Strength and Conditioning and Physical Therapy.

Specifically, Connor’s time with UMass Lowell’s Division 1 sports performance and softball teams changed the way he thought about physical preparation and mental challenges during training. Spending time with staff and athletes in the weight room, on cross country flights, and during meals were transformative experiences for Connor as he got to experience six years as an intern, then co-op student and finally Sports performance coach at UMass Lowell.

Dr. Bombaci previously played soccer and lacrosse in high school. He has a passion for golf and all things weightlifting related; Olympic lifting, powerlifting, kettlebells, you name it. Connor has two dogs and credits his initial interest in Physical Therapy and sports medicine to his parents.
Connor holds his Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) from the National Strength and Conditioning Association and received his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from UMass Lowell in 2021.

Dr. Ramez M. Antoun PT, DPT, PNF, OMT, FRC


Dr. Ramez Antoun has been a strength coach for 15 years and a board licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy for 10 years with a passion for sports medicine & orthopedics. His mission is to help active people, who’ve “tried everything” in the traditional healthcare model, see past the label of a medical diagnosis. His drive is to help people turn hopelessness into resilience by empowering them through movement, self-care education, and lifestyle habits to retake control of their lives.
After years of working in various traditional healthcare settings, one of Ramez’s biggest frustrations was patients being given an obscure “medical ultimatum” of what they can no longer do based solely off of a static picture of their anatomy (MRI or Xray) and their age! How could we have the audacity to give people a life sentence without systematically assessing the most vital sign of a quality of life… movement & function? A question that kept haunting Ramez was “Why are we so systematic at screening, testing, and applying deductive decision making with every other system & organ in our body yet when it comes to movement we just guess, hope for the best, or worse blame it on imperfect imaging & aging?”  What was equally as frustrating was that, other than glazing over the medical history, there was almost no time dedicated to actively listening to patients’ stories and asking mindful questions to better understand them, their triggers, and goals. 
Ramez believes that clients deserve to walk away from every consultation feeling that their specific challenges and goals are heard & understood. He believes clients deserve to be a part of creating an actionable & modifiable plan that helps them investigate & address the root cause of what’s holding them back. We don’t have to choose between the traditional medical system or a functional perspective; Ramez believes that they can co-exist, and that our community deserves a professional service that can reconcile both and refer out to competent physicians when appropriate, rather than demonizing the entire medical model. 
With a passion for staying curious, continuing education, and teaching, Ramez has founded a Physical Therapy Consulting business called Neuropedics. The business serves & educates other Physical Therapists and acts as their second opinion on complex cases to offer an alternative perspective to help their patients overcome functional plateaus. Neuropedics has served as a consultant to a Major League Baseball organization, a private hospital, and various elite athletes ranging from martial artists, weightlifters, and powerlifters.

Ramez lives by the motto “health & family come first”. He is a dedicated husband to his wife Samantha, father to his daughter Lilly, and dog dad to his fur baby Callie. In his free time Ramez enjoys reading, listening to audio books, practicing mixed martial arts (I.e Tai Chi, Bagwa, Kung Fu), lifting weights, swinging kettlebells, going for walks with Callie, being by any body of water (especially the ocean), hiking with his family, and making awful dad jokes.


Ramez attended Umass Lowell where he received his Bachelors in Exercise Physiology, minor in Nutrition, and Doctorate in Physical Therapy. After graduate school, he traveled to the west coast to complete a 9 month post Graduate Residency in Neurological Physical Therapy at Kaiser Foundation Rehabilitation Center in Vallejo, CA to study Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF). After returning back to the east coast, Ramez then completed a 2-year Post Graduate fellowship program at The Institute of Orthopedic Manual Therapy (IOMT) where he underwent extensive orthopedic training in the evaluation and treatment of complex musculoskeletal injuries & orthopedic chronic pain.


Ramez is currently a licensed doctor of physical therapy in both New Jersey and Philadelphia. He is a part of the Functional Movement Systems (FMS) organization, a medical & fitness educational company that establishes objective functional baselines through screening & testing fundemental movement patterns. He became an assistant instructor for the SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment) which is the medical diagnostic system that helps brings a functional diagnostic perspective alongside the patient’s medical diagnosis. Ramez is certified as a Mobility Specialist by Functional Range Conditioning (FRCms) and is internationally recognized as an Orthopedic Manual Therapist (OMT) trained in spinal and extremity mobilizations and manipulations. He is also internationally recognized as a PNF Level 5 therapist by the International PNF Association (IPNFA). He has completed other certifications in soft tissue mobilizations such as instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (i.e Graston & Cupping), Functional Range Release, and various massage techniques.

Anthony Piccirillo, Asst. Strength & Conditioning Coach

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Anthony Piccirillo received his bachelors of science in exercise physiology from Endicott College in August of 2020. He is a registered fitness professional through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. His unique training background brings a different taste to Barbell Therapy and Performance. With experience in strength and conditioning youth athletics as well as mixed martial arts, and being extremely well versed in nutrition, Coach Anthony has been able to help athletes here get optimal results by helping our athletes get better nutrition, make for efficient conditioning workouts, and maximize recovery.

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