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Joint Pain in the Cold: Three Theories Behind Winter Joint Pain

It’s that time of the year when the Tyngsbororature begins to drop. If you’re an active person you know that this is also the time nagging aches and pains resurface. You’ll feel these unpleasant and sometimes unbearable sensations around your joints. If you’re...

Squat Farts, Pissing Yourself, Performance and Sexual Health

Transcription:   Welcome back to the barbell therapy podcast. I am your host, Dr. Brett Scott. And today, I have a old friend and colleague of mine, Dr. Wil Mills with me today. So, so, so a little background on me. And we’ll it’s been quite a few years now that we’ve...

Low Back Pain – Are You Recovering or Overtraining?

Initially in rehab with patients experiencing low back pain, we will try to remove whatever stimulus is causing symptoms in order to allow for long-term recovery; scabs heal a lot faster when we stop picking at them, even the scab is neurological. For a lot of lifters...

Low Back Pain- Are You Recovering or Overtraining?

Transcription: Welcome back to the barbell therapy podcast. I am your host, Dr. Brett Scott, along with me here today is my mentor, Dr. E erson. religioso, also known as modern manual therapy. So today we’re going to talk a lot about recovery. And are you recovering?...

How To Cope With Pain While Sitting

Sitting too long can cause pain in your legs and other parts of your body. It’s not just because you’re sitting up straight or have tight muscles, either. Sitting causes blood flow restriction, which leads to swelling around nerve endings, so they get irritated faster...

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